How to Accept the Right Bid

Published April 23rd, 2018 by Unknown

If you’ve gotten multiple bids for your project chances are you have some very different numbers in front of you. Those numbers may seem like enough information to make a decision but I assure you they aren’t! Everyday, people use price alone to choose a contractor and end up regretting it. Accepting the lowest bid usually does not mean that you will spend less money with that contractor. Surprised? Keep reading...

Don’t fall for any contractor who tells you to “expect extras” on your project. This leaves you vulnerable to them bidding your job inaccurately (maybe even on purpose) and will essentially guarantee that they will find extra things to charge you for. An honest contractor will be upfront about specific problems they may see potentially arising (mold, structure issues, dry rot, etc.).

Here’s an excerpt of an article entitled Isn’t it a Contractor’s Job to Bid Correctly and Accurately? That is included in our full brochure: What Every Homeowner Should Know About Remodeling

The ugly truth is that there are a lot of untrustworthy contractors out there who are willing to throw out a rock bottom bid for your project. They are taking advantage of the fact that most clients are looking for the lowest bid and aren’t educated enough about the process. More often than not their low bid is due to the fact that they are reducing the scope of your job knowing that they can make up for it later on in the project.

These contractors low ball the bid on purpose just to make the sale. You have all heard the horror stories of friends who ended up spending tens of thousands more than what they told their contractor their budget.

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What Every Homeowner Should Know About Remodeling

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