Homeowner Guide

Dear Homeowner,

I’m sure you are eager to get started on your remodeling project!  Perhaps a bit anxious about it as well... I wanted to send you some basic information to tide you over until you receive our full remodeling guide for homeowners.


When done right, a home improvement project will increase the value of your property and make your home a more pleasing environment. Don’t let horror stories make you nervous. With the information in our guide you will be sure to have a pleasant experience with your contractor.


Here’s a sneak peak of the things you will learn from our brochure What Every Homeowner Should Know About Remodeling:


  • How to choose the right contractor for your job and standards to hold your contractor to
  • How to avoid getting duped by a “low” bid: What many contractors don’t want you to know about what isn’t included in their bid
  • Tips and budgeting advice
  • What to look for in a trustworthy contractor
  • A little bit more about Artisan Construction & Design!


Before you hire any contracting to come and perform work on your home make sure you read through and follow this guide. You should absolutely insist that a Professional Contractor comply with each and every standard. If you do, you will greatly increase your chances of getting exactly what you want on your home improvement project. We wish you the best of luck on your project, but after you read our Home Improvement Guide you won’t need it!




John E. Price,

If you’ve gotten multiple bids for your project chances are you have some very different numbers in front of you. Those numbers may seem like enough information to make a decision but I assure you they aren’t!  Everyday, people use price alone to choose a contractor and end up regretting it.  Accepting the lowest bid usually does not mean that you will spend less money with that contractor. Surprised? Keep reading...


Don’t’ fall for any contractor who tells you to “expect extras” on your project.  This leaves you vulnerable to them bidding your job inaccurately (maybe even on purpose) and will essentially guarantee that they will find extra things to charge you for. An honest contractor will be upfront about specific problems they may see potentially arising (mold, structure issues, dry rot, etc.).


Here’s an excerpt of an article entitled Isn’t it a Contractor’s Job to Bid Correctly and Accurately? That is included in our full brochure:


The ugly truth is that there are a lot of untrustworthy contractors out there who are willing to throw out a rock bottom bid for your project. They are taking advantage of the fact that most clients are looking for the lowest bid and aren’t educated enough about the process. More often than not their low bid is due to the fact that they are reducing the scope of your job knowing that they can make up for it later on in the project.


These contractors low‐ball the bid on purpose just to make the sale. You have all heard the horror stories of friends who ended up spending tens of thousands more than what they told their contractor their budget.

A Few Things to Get You Started...

Here is a simple list of things you can look for to get you started on weeding out bad contractors:
  • No professional contractors license number
  • Better Business Bureau Rating
  • Business phone numbers that ring to cell phones
  • Trucks without signage
  • No company logo on worker’s shirts
  • No business cards or cheap business cards
  • Unusually low prices compared to other bids
  • Not willing to provide information without being asked
  • No Ad in the Yellow Pages
  • No Worker's Compensation Insurance - You should ask for Certificates of Insurance
  • No Liability Insurance - again, you should ask for Certificates of Insurance


When you receive our brochure, it may seem like a lot of information. It has come from over 25 years of business experience; so you’re right, it is a lot of information; but it’s information you need to know before you make a decision. Please take the time to read it and write down any questions you might have for me. I’m looking forward to our meeting and learning more about your vision for your project!


John Price